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Robert Williams passing should remind us that we never know what people are going through. Depression is not a joke nor something to shrug off. It eats away at your metal psyche and makes your self worth slowly deteriorate. That’s the killer. Over time you believe that you’re okay so you put up a wall of thinly veiled happiness covered in jokes, smiles and laughs to convince everyone, even yourself until one day, a problem arises and that feels insurmountable b/c of the other ignored problems that you’re trying to fix yourself b/c “you weren’t depressed so why ask for help”. Then the only solution you can think that of that will truly make you happy is suicide. There is always more to someone than meets the eye. Talk to someone and help. If you’re someone that needs help. Ask for it. Suicide is not the answer ever. We’re all beautiful and should defeat the world not vice versa.